01. She [blended] her red paint with the blue to make a beautiful purple color.
02. The band successfully [blends] jazz music with hip hop vocal styles.
03. Colonialism in Africa led to the [blending] of European culture with the native cultures.
04. The tiger's stripes help it to [blend] in with its natural environment.
05. This wine is actually a [blend] of different types of wine.
06. In the summertime, Anne [blends] a frozen banana with orange juice and fresh strawberries to produce a refreshing drink.
07. You need to [blend] the sugar with the butter and then beat them until the mixture becomes smooth.
08. [Blend] together the liquid ingredients in a separate bowl.
09. The soca music of Barbados [blends] soul with calypso, making a dance music with bold rhythms.
10. Highly integrated groups may generate social movements because they so thoroughly [blend] their members' individual and group interests.
11. The ancient city of Byzantium was the seat of government and the center of a flourishing culture [blending] Oriental and Hellenistic elements.
12. Frogs have excellent camouflage, using both color and texture to [blend] with their surroundings.
13. We put the ice cream and frozen strawberries in the [blender] to make a delicious smoothie.
14. The distinctive pattern on the hides of zebras allows them to [blend] in with their surroundings.
15. Our premium green tea is a [blend] of top quality green teas from China.
16. Santana's music is an interesting [blend] of Latin rhythms with guitar-based rock n' roll.
17. Chili powder today is typically a [blend] of dried chillies, garlic powder, red peppers, oregano, and cumin.
18. The chameleon is famous for its ability to change its color so that it [blends] in with its surroundings.
19. Singer Michael Jackson used to go to Disneyland in secret, dressed in costumes to [blend] in with the crowd.
20. The curry you buy in the grocery store is actually a [blend] of different spices.
21. Ovid once suggested that dignity and love do not [blend well], and nor do they continue long together.
22. Sue Woodman once remarked that living by basic good-mothering guidelines enables a mom to [blend] the responsibilities of parenthood with its joys; to know when to stand her ground, and when to be flexible.
23. Leon Trotsky once stated that one must know the limitations of force; one must know when to [blend] force with a maneuver, a blow with an agreement.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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